Portable filter system with the highest filter rating (ULPA) for virus filtration.

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Portable filter system for environments where protection against viruses is essential, e.g. dental clinics, healthcare facilities and laboratories.

Movex Equipment Ltd LFK U is an effective and flexible solution consisting of a fan, filter and fume extractor in a single unit. It is highly suitable for use in healthcare environments where exhaled air, which could potentially contain viruses or residues from inhaled medicines, can be problematic.

Movex LFK 175U comes complete with a Ø75 mm extractor arm. LFK U works according to the low-vacuum principle, which entails a very low risk of filter failure, produces little noise and has low power requirements.

For maximum efficiency, Movex LFK U is equipped with a highly efficient filter (ULPA 15 rating), an optimised fan with a highly efficient EC motor with speed control and a flexible ME extractor arm, which features the lowest pressure drop on the market.

Among the accessories is the LF TR, a portable trolley on lockable wheels with bracket for the ME extractor arm. LF TR is compact and easily blends into the work environment.

The fan and filter can be combined with other extractors available in Movex range of products.

Virus Protection

Protect dental professionals from viruses, including COVID-19 with a portable extractor unit. 

Viruses are usually between 0.08-0.125µm in size in their dry form. COVID-19 is known to be 0.125µm in size. These viruses always attach themselves to biological and non-biological aerosols generated from coughing and sneezing and the use of hand-pieces, which create a particle sizes in range of 0.5-3µm.

Virus Killing Filtration

Current research indicates the COVID-19 virus can remain active on different surface types for up to several days under 'ideal' circumstances. However, when viruses are captured by the ULPA 15 filter, they become strongly embedded within the fibres of the filter media and will dry out and die due to the volume of air passing over the filter within a couple of days.

An ULPA 15 filter is very good at filtering these tiny particles. It has been tested in accordance with EN 1822-1 and has a separation efficiency >99.9995%. The filter is tested using the MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size) method with a size of 0.17µm, which is the most difficult size for a filter to capture.

Safe Filter Disposal

The filter is a fully disposable item within its own housing and therefore, human interaction with the filter media is not required. The whole housing, including the new filter media, is therefore fully replaced. We would advise to still wear full PPE, including rubber gloves, long sleeve shirts, face masks and eye goggles whilst replacing the filter housing. The filter housing should be placed and sealed in a plastic bag and be disposed of in accordance with the medical waste procedure.

We recommend that the filter should be replaced once every six months.

LFK U Build

The LFK U is built up of:

  • LF 50U/230 (complete with the FF 100 Fan and ultra efficient ULPA 15 rated, FPU 50 Filter)
  • LF TR Portable Trolley 
  • MEB 1300-75 Extraction Arm
  • MESH 300-75 Suction Nozzle
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