Movex Equipment Ltd is the UK's leading supplier of dust and fume extraction equipment

We specialise in the distribution of dust and fume extraction equipment to the UK and Ireland's local exhaust ventilation (LEV) market, laboratory equipment suppliers, education board, welding workshops and many more. The extensive product range covers all working environments where hazardous dusts and fumes form part of the working process.

Centrally Located

Located in a prime and central location in Greater Manchester, we can quickly mobilise to ensure we deliver outstanding customer service and prompt lead times to meet any of our client's requirements. We endeavour to deliver high-quality customer service to our clients and can provide expertise and support in all technical LEV matters.

Our History

Our roots date back to the 1940's when the primary focus was the manufacture of components for the engineering and automotive industries in Sweden. Since then, we have gone on a rather amazing journey of development in various sectors and we can now count ourselves as a world-leading company in environmental engineering.

If you would like a visit from one of our experienced representatives to discuss our diverse range, please call 01942 909121 or email info@movex-equipment.co.uk.

Added Value

  • Over 10,000 products available
  • Established national and worldwide distributor of dust and fume extraction equipment
  • Industry specialists of local extractors, fans and filters for all working environments
  • Over 60-years of combined experience in the extraction equipment industry
  • First-class customer service, as standard
  • Innovative system solutions for endless extraction processes
  • Tailored extraction equipment for specific working environments
  • Substantial flexibility and prompt lead times
  • Free technical advice available
  • Movex Equipment 12 month warranty* (*subject to T&C's)

Request a Brochure

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