At Movex Equipment Ltd, we specialise in the distribution of dust filtration and fume extraction equipment to the UK and Ireland’s local exhaust ventilation (LEV) market, laboratory equipment suppliers, education boards, welding workshops and many more. Our extensive product range covers all working environments where hazardous dust and fumes form part of the working process. 

If you would like a visit from one of our experienced representatives to discuss our diverse product range, please get in touch today, either +44 (0)1942 909121 or email info@movex-equipment.co.uk, or click here.


  • Over 10,000 specialist dust filtration and fume extraction products available
  • Established national and worldwide distributor of dust & fume extraction equipment
  • Industry specialists of local extractors, fans and filters for all working environments
  • Over 60-years of combined experience in the extraction equipment industry
  • First-class customer service and free technical advice available
  • Substantial flexibility and prompt lead times
  • A 12-months warranty*, as standard (*subject to T&C’s found here).


Located in a prime and central location in Greater Manchester, we can quickly mobilise to ensure we deliver outstanding customer service and prompt lead times to meet any of our client’s requirements. We endeavour to deliver high-quality customer service to our clients and can provide expertise and support in all technical LEV matters.


Our roots date back to the 1940s when the primary focus was the manufacture of components for the engineering and automotive industries in Sweden. Since then, we have gone on a rather amazing journey of development in various sectors and we can now count ourselves as a world-leading company in environmental engineering.


At Movex, we have two primary aims; 1, instil confidence in our clients that we can deliver with our products and service and; 2, enable our clients to relay this new-found confidence into their clients that the products they’re installing will supersede their LEV filtration and extraction expectations. 

  • 12 Months Warranty - We believe in our products so much that this page is almost unnecessary. However, if you are unfortunate enough to have any issues, our 12-month warranty will have you covered, so you can continue to install with confidence.
  • Warranty Returns - We’ll make it as easy as possible to sort and resolve any warranty issues and if you do happen to have any, please speak with a member of our friendly team to make the necessary arrangements.


With 650m2 of dedicated warehousing located in Greater Manchester, we have the capabilities to hold most items from our product range in stock and are able to mobilise our warehouse team to dispatch your orders to where you want them for when you need them.

  • Prompt Lead Times - We work with a number of different courier services and are able to provide you with a delivery service to meet your requirements. Whether you require your order to an office or a site, on a five-day or next-day service, we’re confident that our courier services are up to standard and can deliver on meeting your expectations.
  • Spares Service - During continual maintenance regimes, we understand that an LEV system’s durable resilience can take its toll on small mechanisms and parts can become damaged, that’s why we’ve launched our ‘Spares Service’. We can supply replacement parts and accessories for any piece of equipment so you, the installer, can maintain and restore your clients’ LEV systems during operational and on-going maintenance regimes.


At Movex, we endeavour to deliver high-quality and friendly customer service at every opportunity and these four key areas should help manage expectations on our promise to you.

  • Technical Advice - As experts in supplying the LEV market with high-quality extraction solutions, we’re accustomed to supporting LEV installation businesses specify the right equipment. There’s not a type of installation job we haven’t come across before and we’re happy to help specify the right system for the job. Get in touch today to talk to a member of our technical team.
  • Product Knowledge - We’ve developed comprehensive product data sheets to help you understand and appreciate the technicalities that have gone into an individual product’s design. All of our product’s data-sheets are available on our new e-commerce website, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a request.
  • We Get It Right the First Time - We appreciate the importance of getting it the right first time, we know when we get it right, we’re helping you get it right. With comprehensive internal processes and warehouse management software, we are able to ensure that orders are thoroughly quality checked before they’re dispatched.
  • Proactive, Not Reactive Service - We’re here for when you need us and our flexibility has enabled hundreds of clients to be flexible with theirs. We’re able to offer substantial flexibility and prompt lead times to help get your business on track.