CFE Reverse-Pulse Dust Filter

CFE Reverse-Pulse Dust Filter

MOVEX CFE is suitable for filtration of dry particles, dust and welding smoke for mechanical industry.

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The filter is manufactured with 2-4-6 and 8 horizontally placed filter cartridges for airflows from 1000m³/h to 12000 m³/h for larger airflows more filters can be placed parallel in the same system. 

Continuous self cleaning of the filter cartridges with efficient power pulse valves and aerodynamically designed deflectors increase filter media life considerably. The filter cartridges are optimized with maximum filter area in relation to cost. High pressure air cleaning is governed by a programmable system of on demand filter cleaning during operation and by one or more cleaning cycles when the plant shuts down.

All components for controlling the cleaning are placed internally on the clean air side or recessed in the housing well protected from any outside influences.

When changing the filter there is a system allowing filter replacement without making contact with the dirty filter.

  • Polluted air enters the filter through the top inlet. The dust naturally falls through the filter.
  • The filter cartridge removes dust with a high separating degree. The horizontal placement of the cartridges facilitates accessibility during service. Filter exchange can be done without contact to the dirty filter.
  • A time controlled diaphragm valve provides high pressure air pulses that dislodge dust particles that collect on the cartridge. A specially designed deflector is used for optimal cleaning of the entire cartridge.
  • The dust particles dislodged from the filter cartridges accumulate in the hopper and are carried down into the dust collector bin.
  • Controls for on demand cleaning. Online cleaning means cleaning during operation. Offline cleaning cleans when the plant is not in operation.
  • The clean, filtered air is evacuated through the air outlet. The outlet connector as standard downward 6a but can also be delivered with the connection upwards 6b. Outlet direction can also be changed on site.
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