AFSU Track System

AFSU Track System

AFSU is for vehicles with high mounted exhaust pipes (e.g fire engines)

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The chain suspension of the rail means simpler installation and is easily adjustable for different vehicle heights. The design also facilitates completely automatic function at turnout and approach. At turnout the trolley automatically follows the exhaust pipe by means of spring balance. The rail moves sideways and always automatically returns to its centre positioning. At approach the vehicle is backed up to the trolley and the exhaust pipe is caught by the trolleys trapping arms. Possible up to 1.5m sideways movement. Effective length of the track is 4m - 10m, compression space for hose 1m - 3m, connection dimension 160mm. 

*Ceiling and wall brackets not included see the track system accessories section for more information. Nozzle to be purchased separately (see related products)

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