Three Key Actions the Government should take to clean up Britain's Air

Three Key Actions the Government should take to clean up Britain's Air

Last week’s joint report from the environment, health, transport and environmental audit parliamentary select committees calling for serious action on toxic air pollution. The report highlights that air pollution kills approximately 40,000 people in the UK a year and costs our economy in the region of £20bn. Those at greatest risk of this threat include the elderly, children and those with existing medical conditions.

The report has suggested that the government should bring forward all necessary policy interventions to ensure the UK is back in compliance with EU and UK laws on pollution levels in the shortest possible timeframe.

Three key action points the report hopes to address are:

  1. The government should use legislation, regulation and road pricing to progressively phase out diesel cars across the UK, to ensure that cleaner vehicles' and modes of transport are being used. In addition, it is hoped that the ban on sales of petrol and diesel vehicles is brought forward to 2030 from 2040.
  2. The government should use its industrial strategy to invest in the research, design and commercialisation of new clean vehicles. This should be adopted through financial incentives/scrappage schemes in order to increase the supply of greener vehicles while reducing the cost of them
  3. The government should focus on encouraging what is called ‘smart mobility’ and much of this attention goes into investing in public transport and the infrastructure needed to create a favourable climate for more efficient travel; including encouraging walking and cycling in the UK’s cities.

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